Lawn care reminders

The Town of Flower Mound is famous for its well-manicured lawns. Consequently, the city takes enforcement of the code for maintaining lawns VERY seriously.

Code enforcement personnel are employed by the city to insure that the town’s homes have nice lawns.

The following contractors have done work for the HOA and have shown themselves to be honest and providing good service.If you would like to contact these people for work, be sure to mention the fact that you are in Lexington Glen.

J&J Landscaping, (214) 566-8064
KG Fence, (972) 977-4215

Some HOAs monitor and approve every aspect of a property’s appearance. We do not do this. Aside from specifically prohibited items, or insuring that all construction or improvements follow city code, our restrictions or regulations require that the lawn be kept in a “neat and attractive manner”. It also states that lawns should be “in a well maintained and attractive condition at all times.” (ARTICLE VII, Section 7.1) This does not mean that it has to only be mowed to a certain height. “Neat and attractive” means that the lawn must look nice. If you allow your lawn to dry up and look bad, it is in violation of the agreement the property owner signed at closing.

We would also ask that you do not dry, or air, laundry on fences, etc. All toys, tools, or other items should be picked up and not left out front. Leaving bicycles, etc. outside encourages theft.

The town of Flower Mound is very strict about tree limbs encroaching over sidewalks. Please insure that there is at least an 8 foot clearance, per town codes.

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