Important Message – Brick Wall Repair

We are set to get the HOA brick wall repaired in about 8 weeks.  The brick manufacturer is closed at the moment, but will resume operations in a couple of weeks.  This will put the repairs commencing in mid to late October.

These will be extensive repairs, many of which are required by city code.

A few homes have the brick wall as part of their fence line. In these cases, access to your yard will be required for wall repair. The company making the repairs will make effort to accommodate your needs, but you need to be aware of this and secure pets and remove any objects near or adjacent to the wall.

You might also experience some temporary blocking of alley travel.

Some other things to remember –

1)      Residents should not be hanging trellises or ropes or cords from the columns.
2)      No vines should be growing on our brick fence.  Vines are very destructive.
3)      There shouldn’t be any dirt piled against the brick wall. Treat ant beds next to the wall or contact the HOA to do it.

The HOA is spending over $12,000 for these repairs. With your help we can limit further damage and lessen future repair costs.

Thank you,

Your HOA

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