Neighborhood Theft

Garage burglaries are a constant occurrence in our quiet little sub division. In one recent incident, while someone was unloading groceries a person entered the garage and stole items, including a purse, from the car.

Please be careful and VERY vigilant. If you see anyone suspicious around the alleys the police encourages us to call them right away. Do not allow your garage door to be open unattended.

May 4, 2008 Treasurer’s report

Below is a copy of the treasurer’s report that was handed out at our meeting on May 4, 2008. Please contact us to receive an Excel version if you’d like.

Bank Balance, 5/1/07$20,519
Office Supplies, printing, postage$346
Annual (07) Meeting Expenses (food)$113
Web Site$100
Misc Bank Charges$42
Total Expenses$6,957
Bank Balance, 4/30/08$26,593
PayPal Balance, 4/30/08$2,291
Total Cash, 4/30/08$28,884

June 2007 meeting report

Dear Homeowner/Resident

On June 9, 2007 we held a meeting of the HOA, in Grove Park, (on Braxton). Several things were brought up and many were resolved.

  • Several issues were brought up about the park. The fact that it is dark, with low hanging trees encourages unwanted behavior. Many felt that is was not maintained as well as other parks. After a letter from me, the park department was out to trim the trees back to 14 feet or more from the ground. The also removed some other debris and filled a hole that some were concerned about. I also received a promise that they would work on getting a light, for the park as soon as possible. Our concern about the condition of the grass was well received also. I was assured that they would try to work on that too. I am guessing that several other homeowners must have written them as well and my letter was just one of many.
  • One of the biggest complaints was about residents not maintaining their lawns in a “neat and attractive manner” as required by our HOA CCR’s. As president, I stated that I felt that the heavy rain had caused many residents, who do regularly maintain their yards, to get behind. But I also added that the time has come to insure that our neighborhood lives up to the standards established by our rules and regulations, as well as those of the Town of Flower Mound. Several residents received notices that day that they needed to maintain their lawns. I am pleased to say that most responded by immediately bringing their yards up to an acceptable appearance. It was stated, by more than one member at the meeting, that our yards are so tiny that there are very few excuses for not keeping them maintained in a neat and attractive manner. Remember, tall weeds and grass, even in your flowerbeds and in the ally easement, are subject to the city code and the HOA regulations.
  • We were reminded by several members, and it was verified by our local, resident, police officer, that the law requires that you park on the side of the street according to direction of travel.
  • It was brought to our attention that several homes have had items stolen from their garages. Please keep you eyes open and report any suspicious persons and keep your cars locked and garages shut. We need to do all we can to discourage this kind of activity.
  • The problem of parking near, or in front of, mailboxes was brought up. Postal regulations require that the mail carrier have “unimpeded access” to the mailbox. If a vehicle is parked in front of a mailbox, mail will not be delivered. It is one thing for you to block your own mailbox, but to block a neighbor’s is inexcusable.
  • We also discussed the fact that the parking of commercial vehicles, on the roadway is not allowed by the CCR’s and city code/law. Please keep this in mind.
  • We have had some near misses of children darting out from between cars. The reduction of situations where several large vehicles are parked on the street may help to reduce this possibility.
  • It was asked if we could put a list of contact information for the town of Flower Mound on the web site. It is now there.
  • Many people were alarmed that we have members who are behind in their dues. We discussed options to deal with this.
  • We also discussed changing the quorum requirements to either 25 members or 25% for future meetings. Look for a letter about this in the near future.
  • Several members expressed concern about the stakes people are placing near ally entrances. They feel it may be a hazard to children and is unsightly. It is assumed that this is done to discourage drivers from driving over lawns when entering the alleys. We are looking into this issue.

Please read the Covenants, Conditions and Regulations of our HOA. It is the responsibility, of your HOA Board, to consider all complaints and enforce these CCR’s to protect the property value and appearances of our neighborhood. If you can’t find the copy you signed for at closing, you may read them on our website, You may also receive a scanned, pdf copy by contacting us through the website.

Mica Calfee
Lexington Glen HOA, President

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