The Lexington Glen HOA is an organization established by the Town of Flower Mound and the laws of the State of Texas. As such, payment of dues is mandatory and severe penalties and consequences can be a result of non-payment. Dues are $240 a year. This can be paid in one sum in January. It can also be paid in two $120 payments or $60 a quarter. You can pay via check or via PayPal.

The dues schedule is:

PeriodAmountDuePast Due
First Quarter$60January 1stJanuary 31st
Second Quarter$60April 1stApril 30st
Third Quarter$60July 1stJuly 31st
Fourth Quarter$60October 1stOctober 31st
First Half$120January 1stJanuary 31st
Second Half$120July 1stJuly 31st
Full Year$240January 1stJanuary 31st

Your dues go to things such as: Insurance for the HOA’s property, maintenance of the brick walls and frontage area of Garden Ridge, mowing, and more.

The trees and buffer zone on Garden Ridge is required by city ordinance. The builders did not do this just to look nice. Several trees are dead and these need immediate replacement. Other trees need to be trimmed. When the improvements to Garden Ridge were completed we inherited several more feet of frontage property. We have had to install new sprinklers in the new area on Carnation. We probably need new landscaping as well. Maintenance of this area is required by city ordinance.

Dues may be mailed to:
Lexington Glen HOA
P.O. Box 271657
Flower Mound, Texas 75027

To pay with a credit card or PayPal please use the links below. There is a small additional fee associated with credit card payments to offset the fees charged by PayPal. The HOA receives only the dues amount.

Quarterly payment

HOA Fee: $60

PayPal Fee: $2.04

Total Fee: $62.04

Biannual payment

HOA Fee: $120

PayPal Fee: $3.78

Total Fee: $123.78

Annual Payment

HOA Fee: $240

PayPal Fee: $7.38

Total Fee: $247.38